Bedbugs Continue To Infiltrate New York Subway System In Search Of Fresh Blood To Suck

Remember earlier this month when we told you that bedbugs were spotted on at least three New York Subway trains? Things apparently aren’t bug-free yet. In fact, the bugs seem to be staging some kind of coup – biting conductors and all.

According to the New York Daily News, a conductor on the N train – which runs from Queens to Coney Island in Brooklyn – reported being bitten by the pests on Monday.

The train was subsequently taken out of service and the conductor was taken to receive medical attention.

Over the past three days, bedbugs have been spotted on the N, Q and No. 6 lines.

The bloodsuckers have been hitching rides on the subway system for several weeks. Back in early August, two N line trains were taken out of service to be fumigated after riders and subway staff started spotting bedbugs.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority told the New York Daily News earlier this month that the “subway system has 5.5 million riders every single day and we can’t check all of them for bedbugs before letting them on the train.”

However, authorities have been making spot checks of crew cabins out of an “abundance of precaution.”

Bedbugs found on N train after conductor is bitten: sources [New York Daily News]

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