This Is What An Arby’s “Meat Mountain” Sandwich Looks Like In The Wild

So that's a meat mountain, huh?

So that’s a meat mountain, huh?

We asked, and we received: After putting out the call for evidence of Arby’s new off-menu “Meat Mountain” sandwich, featuring an array of meats stacked like a towering, $10 homage to carnivores everywhere, our obliging readers have provided a few snaps of the sandwich in the wild.

Consumerist reader Joe from San Antonio sent in proof of his recently spent $10, and says he feels more like a patriot now than he did before.

“The trickiest part was trying to keep the chicken fingers on there while eating it,” he explains. “That being said, it could be done if you just compressed it a little bit. With the amount of meat you’re getting, it seemed easily worth the $10.”

No need for fireworks and flag-waving, Joe adds.

“As far as taste goes, it was like a big mouthful of ‘Murica/Freedom. Getting a bit of a headache, but 10/10 would order again.”

And here’s another one, sent in by Derek, featuring his buddy Corey. Derek writes that the Arby’s staff had to learn about this Meat Mountain from none other than Consumerist. Hurray!

“They had to call someone to find how how to ring it up and get a print out of how to make it after showing them the Consumerist article,” wrote Derek.

And here we have Doug’s sandwich, which he says he enjoyed.

“The flavor profile of all of the meats in each bite is something pretty unique for fast food, and that is rare among the fast food ‘giants,’ ” he explains. “As you can see from the photo, it is possible (with effort) to take a bite of it, and it is worth the effort. That said, the chicken tenders are the odd part of the group with a somewhat conflicting flavor profile. 9/10. Great sandwich.”

meat Mountain3

Again, if anyone out there decides to take on the Meat Mountain, please feel free to send pics to, post them on our Facebook page or tweet them to us at @consumerist on Twitter.

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