Corona Extra Beer Recalled Because Glass Particles Don’t Go Down So Smoothly

affectedcoronaThat’s not an extra unripe lime interrupting a smooth pull of the beer — the makers of Corona Extra say some 12-ounce bottles of the brew have been recalled for having small glass particles in them.

Constellation Brands Beer Division announced the voluntary recall in a press release today, saying that certain six-packs, 12-packs and 18-packs of 12-ounce clear glass bottles might come with free glass shards.

Consumers who have purchased these kinds of bottles should check the production code — an eight-digit alphanumeric code printed on the necks of the bottles and side panels on the cardboard packages — against the below list:

Corona Extra six-packs: G014C059, G024C059, G064A059, G064C059, G074B059, G104C049, G114C049, G124C049, G134C049, G144C049, G154C049, G164C049, G244C049, G254A049, G264A049, G274A049, G304C059.

Corona Extra 12-packs: G024B069, G034C069, G044C069, G054B049, G054C069, G064C049, G074B049, G084B049, G084C069, G094B049, G094B069, G104A069, G104C069, G114C069, G124C069, G164A069, G174B069, G184B069, G214C069, G244B069, G244C069, G254C069, G264C069, G274C069, G294B069, G304B069.

Corona Extra 18-packs: F294A049.

The company says a production error at of its third-party suppliers’ glass plants prompted the recall.

As if you need a reminder, do not drink any bottles with the codes listed above. Instead, call the consumer call center at 1-866-204-0407 to get a refund, and then chuck that bottle.

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