AT&T To Offer Gigabit Broadband Service In Apple’s Home Turf

1infiniteloopWhile Verizon’s FiOS expansion plans are apparently idling in the “to do… maybe, at some point” bin, AT&T appears to be moving forward with its plans to roll out its GigaPower gigabit broadband network to more markets. Today, the Death Star announced that it has selected its first target in California’s Silicon Valley — the city of Cupertino, better known as the home to Apple HQ.

“Cupertino is proud to be the first city announced in California set to receive the ultra-high-speed AT&T GigaPower network,” said Mayor Gilbert Wong in a statement.

AT&T isn’t yet saying exactly which neighborhoods in Cupertino will get service first or what GigaPower, which also offers pay-TV and phone service, will cost for area residents.

The company announced in April that it would be expanding the GigaPower network to 25 new cities.

The service is already available in some areas of AT&T’s home state of Texas, including Austin and Dallas/Fort Worth. Confirmed markets set to get GigaPower in the future include Houston and San Antonio; Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, Winston-Salem and Greensboro in North Carolina, Jacksonville and Miami in Florida; Nashville; and Overland Park, KS, in the shadow of Google Fiber’s birthplace.

Speaking of Google, Big G’s home turf of Mountain View, CA, is also currently being considered for AT&T’s gigabit service.

This is all just an excuse to run this clip:

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