A New Convenience Near Nightclubs: Shoe Vending Machines

shoebagLadies, how often does this happen to you? You’re out for a night of fun, wearing your highest, prettiest heels, when the festivities continue for longer than your feet can hold out in those shoes. My answer is “never,” but apparently this is a common enough problem that it has been solved with vending machines near nightclubs that sell acceptably cute flats.

Yes, you can buy shoes from Rollasole in stores, but the really novel part of this business model are the vending machines. Once a week, the entrepreneur who runs the American branch of international shoe machine brand Rollasole receives a shipment from the company’s headquarters in the United Kingdom, refilling machines that are conveniently located near nightclubs. They aim to relieve the tired feet of Vegas revelers.

The flats start at $20, and machines accept cash or credit cards. The shoes come in a handy capsule that contains the rolled-up flats (of course) and a bag to carry your offending heels around in.

Entrepreneur’s persistence brings shoes to vending machines [Las Vegas Business Press] (via Chain Store Age)

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