The Onion Reacts To Facebook’s Hand-Holding Of Your Idiot Friends

oniongrabbEarlier today, Facebook confirmed it was rolling out a system that labels links from The Onion and others as “satire,” so that your idiot friend from high school would (hopefully) realize that the President didn’t run over Jimmy Carter with his car, or that Dick Van Dyke may not have been the Zodiac killer. Oddly enough, the esteemed news source’s response to the Facebook announcement is much closer to truth than it is to satire.

“Area Facebook User Incredibly Stupid,” reads the headline.

“I need stuff easy,” explains the area imbecile. “I like looking at things on Facebook, but I don’t understand a lot. Help, please.”

Consumerist reader K points out that the Facebook “satire” tag experiment seems to be working, at least on this story:

Unfortunately, some area fools will see the satire tag and assume that this story does not apply to their lives.

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