OnTrac Still Marking Packages Delivered Ahead Of Time

Image courtesy of (formatc1)

Amazon is in the business of selling you everything and getting it to your doorstep quickly. What stands in their way? The regional delivery services it partners with to get Prime packages to their customers in certain regions of the country. While the tracking information claimed that Diana’s package was delivered to her house in the early afternoon, it wasn’t. However, it did arrive at the same time as the replacement that Amazon sent.


We’ve redacted the city names to protect Diana’s privacy, but she’s confused, because the package was marked “delivered,” but different parts of the Ontrac/Amazon delivery system showed that “delivery” as taking place in three different towns, each about a dozen miles apart, only one of which is the town where Diana lives. The other two are cities where we know OnTrac has facilities.


A package can’t simultaneously exist in three places, and you also can’t mark it as “delivered” when it’s in an OnTrac facility twelve miles from the customer’s house. At least that’s what we thought. We aren’t OnTrac.

Amazon was gracious to Diana in this transaction. They sent her a replacement item with one-day shipping and extended her Prime membership by an extra month. The package that OnTrac supposedly “lost” showed up a few business days later.

Still, what Diana and other customers who have had bad Ontrac experiences would prefer would be to have their packages on the day they were supposed to arrive, not disappearing into the ether and then reappearing a few days later.

“How and why would Ontrac claim to Amazon that the package was ‘lost’ when they knew well enough where it was in order to deliver it (days later)?” Diana ranted to Consumerist. “Was it really lost? Or was it just business as usual, and it’s just that they don’t deliver on time?”

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