You Can Now Buy Pre-Muddied Sneakers For Only $215

(End Clothing)

(End Clothing)

Because we all know the inconvenience of having too much money and not enough stuff to spend it on, you can now kill two birds with one stone: Never worry about getting your spanking white shoes dirty by buying pre-muddied kicks for the bargain price of $215. Saves you time and stress over the inevitable, and provides a way to dispose of that extra income.

Across the pond where they call sneakers “trainers,” notes the utter despair of dirtying up your own new shoes.

That brings us to a joint effort between designer Kazuki Kuraishi and conceptual artist Ryan Gander, along with Adidas Originals, to create these weird shoes/works of art (?) called the Adidas x KZK ZXZ 750 RG 84-Lab.

It’s not real mud that will end up all over your floors (I buy pre-muddied floors, anyway), as the brown stuff is just a clever paint job.

The pair retail for only £129, or about $215 here. But again, mud is free.

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