Make It Stop: Second Report This Week Of A Man Groping A Female Passenger On A Flight

It was only yesterday that we were bemoaning the fact that yet again, we had to call attention to a report of a man arrested for molesting a female passenger on a flight. Here we are today with another story — a different man and a different victim, but all too familiar allegations.

The alleged incident occurred last Thursday on a U.S. Airways flight from Charlotte, N.C. to San Francisco, reports The Smoking Gun. A man on that flight is accused of touching the breast and thigh of a 14-year-old girl seated next to him.

According to the federal complaint, the FBI says the victim was traveling alone. She told the FBI that halfway through the trip, the man put his hand on her outer thigh, and then “lightly touched the breast of the juvenile female on two occasions,” the report says.

When she pushed his hand away upon another alleged attempt by the man to move his hand up her leg, she says he took her hand, lifted it and kissed it, whispering, “I love you,” in her ear.

After allegedly saying some other awful things, he added, “Don’t tell your mom,” she claims.

The girl alerted the crew, who moved her to another seat. The suspect was arrested, and is facing an assault charge upon an Aug. 25 arraignment.

Again, this is unfortunately something we’ve seen a lot of over the years, with the below incidences just a few to add to recent reports. Please, make this stop:

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United Passenger Guilty Of Sexually Assaulting Sleeping Female Traveler

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JetBlue Passenger Charged With Putting Hand Under Sleeping Woman’s Skirt

Another Traveler Arrested For In-Flight Perving [The Smoking Gun]

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