Burger King’s Satisfries Off The Menu In 2/3 Of Restaurants

Less satisfrying than Burger King had anticipated.

Less satisfrying than Burger King had anticipated.

Satisfries are dead. Long live Chicken Fries! Less than a year after they hit the menu, Burger King has given their franchisees a choice: they can keep Satisfries, a version of the chain’s French fries that have less fat and fewer calories, on the menu if they’re performing well, or ditch the fries if they aren’t. A little over a third of the Burger Kings in North America will keep them on the menu for now.

The new fries were designed to be pretty much the same thing as regular Burger King fries, but with a different coating that prevented them from absorbing as much oil from the fryer. Both types of fries even cook in the same oil. In a statement today, quoted by Bloomberg Businessweek, the chain said that . Our brave colleagues on the Consumer Reports sensory panel tried out the fries last fall and found that they tasted a lot like Burger King’s regular fries. That was not intended as a compliment.

Satisfries apparently didn’t catch on in most markets, even though BK tried fun publicity stunts like pretending to change its name, and even adding Satisfries as an option in their meals for children.

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