Police Looking For Couple Who Stole 5-Year-Old’s iPod At Frozen Yogurt Store

In the updated-for-the-digital age version of taking candy from a baby, police in Colorado say an adult couple walked off with a five-year-old’s iPod, you know, just because it was there. Yes, we live in a world where there are people who will steal electronics from a kid. Yes, I meant iPod. Yes, people still have iPods.

Cops say they’re looking for a couple who sat down at a table where a little girl had left her iPod, before going to another part of the store during a birthday party at a frozen yogurt store, reports CBS Denver.

The fact that there was a kid’s party going on and a pink iPod in a panda case didn’t seem to deter the couple suspected of boosting the iPod, who were seen on surveillance footage sitting down at the table with the iPod.

After a few minutes, the man grabs the iPod and sticks it inside the woman’s purse, as the couple then quickly get up and walk out.

In case there’s any confusion, the right thing to do when you find something adorable that isn’t yours at a kid’s party? Turn it in to store staff and say, “Here, some little child must have lost this and would be ever so sad not to get it back.”

Here’s to hoping they can never figure out how to replace the Frozen soundtrack with their own stuff. MAY ITS INEVITABLE ADDICTIVENESS DRIVE YOU MAD AND CONSUME YOUR SOUL FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

Aurora Police Search For Couple Who Stole Child’s iPod [CBS Denver]

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