14-Year-Old Camps Inside Walmart For 4 Days Before Being Caught

walmartbedRemember that guy who managed to spend 24 hours inside Walmart? That’s minor-league compared to a Texas teenager’s 4-day in-store camping trip.

CBS11 in Dallas has the story of the 14-year-old who somehow escaped detection from Walmart workers for four days, holing up in a various improvised campsites around the store — one behind boxes of strollers and another in his personal fortress made of paper towel and toilet paper bundles.

He lived off food he foraged from the store and helped himself to a pet fish from the aquarium. He changed his outfits — presumably with stolen clothing — frequently to minimize his chances of being recognized. The inventive adolescent even started wearing diapers so he wouldn’t have to use the store’s bathrooms.

The teen was eventually tracked down, and he tried to flee when he was spotted. The police got involved and handed him back into the custody of relatives.

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  1. MathManv2point0 says:

    Ever since the Kincaid children pulled of their stunt in the MET it’s made it harder for other kids to sleep overnight in random businesses/museums :o)

  2. KJaxx says:

    “The police got involved and handed him back into the custody of relatives.”

    So a 14 yr old “camped out” overnight in the store for four days and his “relatives” hadn’t reported him missing? Seems like something bigger and worse is going on here. Did these relatives even realize he was missing?