Woman Climbs Airport Fence To Try To Stop Her Cheating Husband From Flying Away

A word to those hurting hearts out there: We feel your pain, but if you think your husband is flying off to see another woman, there are other ways to go about mending that broken heart other than climbing a 10-foot high barbed wire fence at an airport to try and stop his plane from taking off.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested a woman at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport after she made it over the top of a secure fence and onto the tarmac, reports the Chronicle Herald. She apparently believed her cheating husband was on the plane and was heading to another woman’s arms.

The woman first reportedly went to the counter to ask the airline to stop the plane in order to keep her husband from leaving to see another woman, said one employee. When that didn’t work, she drove toward the hanger and hopped the fence.

“She ended up going onto the bigger runway and she was essentially wandering around there,” the employee said. “She was literally going to try to stop the plane.”

Workers managed to nab the woman and get her into a truck, keeping her there even after she opened the door of the truck and started shouting. The Mounties won’t be charging her with anything.

Airport officials had to reroute another small plane that had landed and moved onto the taxiway, after air traffic controllers spotted the woman on the fence.

She had several minor cuts as a result of her climb and was taken to the hospital, an RCMP spokesman said, though her husband wasn’t a passenger on that plane in the first place. Officials contacted him to make sure.

An airport security spokesman says this type of incident hasn’t happened before, that he can recall.

“I’ve been there (for more than) eight … years and this is the first incident of its kind that I’m aware of,” he said. “The fact that she was seen by the (navigation) tower very soon after she got on the airfield … is important in that they were able to ensure that no aircraft ever came near her.”

He adds that he thinks their system is secure, though his team is going to review the situation to spot any issues.

“We don’t believe that there are (any gaps),” he said. “But the details of how she got over that fence will be reviewed just to see if there’s anything else we would need to do in that area to ensure the airfield is as secure as we can make it.”

Woman scales fence at Halifax airport [Chronicle Herald]

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