Seattle City Attorney: Anyone Who’s Gotten A Ticket For Marijuana Should Fight It

After the Seattle Police Department announced at the end of July that a police officer had been reassigned and was under investigation for issuing 88% of the city’s marijuana citations, the city attorney is telling anyone who got a ticket to contest it.

Even if residents cited for various marijuana violations — like smoking in public — weren’t one of the 66 ticketed by the officer in question, City Attorney Pete Holmes says they should request a hearing to contest the ticket.

In addition to the controversy over a single officer writing all those tickets, he also called Holmes out specifically, writing on some, “Attention ‘Petey’ Holmes,’ ” which could stem from Holmes supporting legal recreational marijuana, notes the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

“Apparently, in order to poke at me, [the officer] had to necessarily write up homeless people,” Holmes told KOMO Newsradio, adding that using the tickets to make a political point “is just completely improper.”

Holmes says he questions whether the tickets were issued in good faith, if they were written by the officer. The Seattle Police Office of Professional Accountability is investigating those circumstances now.

That’s why he’s urging residents to fight their tickets, no matter who wrote them, saying that beyond what he sees as a vendetta against him by the officer, “I’m not sure what the circumstances are for all the tickets written to date.”

City attorney: Fight officer’s pot tickets [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

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