Are You Waiting For-Freaking-Ever To Get DVDs From Netflix?

Image courtesy of (Michael C. Rael)

Jason is a longtime Netflix subscriber, and he doesn’t remember anything like his current problem happening before. Simply put, he has a lot of new movie releases in his DVD queue, and he’s in for a “very long wait” for most of them. He wonders: is this because Netflix is trying to slowly kill its DVD business?

He sent us this screen grab of his queue. Yes, it certainly does look like Netflix is trying to drive the poor man to cancel his subscription already and just go get current releases from a Redbox kiosk.


“Granted most movies in my queue are recently released and most likely the most popular, I don’t remember this happening before,” he writes. “I think they must be buying [fewer] new DVDs to send out to their customers.”

That’s possible, though that would probably be a response to more of its customers shifting to streaming. Very few of those very new releases are ever licensed for streaming, so this may simply be a fluke due to Jason’s movie choices.

Netflix users, have you noticed this same problem? If so, let us know at Put “VERY LONG WAIT” in the subject line of your message.

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