Are You Waiting For-Freaking-Ever To Get DVDs From Netflix?

Jason is a longtime Netflix subscriber, and he doesn’t remember anything like his current problem happening before. Simply put, he has a lot of new movie releases in his DVD queue, and he’s in for a “very long wait” for most of them. He wonders: is this because Netflix is trying to slowly kill its DVD business?

He sent us this screen grab of his queue. Yes, it certainly does look like Netflix is trying to drive the poor man to cancel his subscription already and just go get current releases from a Redbox kiosk.


“Granted most movies in my queue are recently released and most likely the most popular, I don’t remember this happening before,” he writes. “I think they must be buying [fewer] new DVDs to send out to their customers.”

That’s possible, though that would probably be a response to more of its customers shifting to streaming. Very few of those very new releases are ever licensed for streaming, so this may simply be a fluke due to Jason’s movie choices.

Netflix users, have you noticed this same problem? If so, let us know at Put “VERY LONG WAIT” in the subject line of your message.

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  1. theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

    alton brown’s feasting on asphalt has been “very long wait” in my queue (position #1) for about 18 months but is now showing “short wait.” i hadn’t really noticed too many of these recently, but i looked just now and it appears i have a very long wait for a few jackie chan movies, a really obscure mel brooks movie (they could have lost their only copy?)
    and about 20% of the classic doctor who discs in my queue now say very long wait, but a whole stack of those had been moved to “unknown availability” a few months ago and are now back in my queue so maybe they got new discs in for those?
    maybe they’ve been changing out a lot of stock?

  2. oomingmak says:

    Maybe Netflix is trying to weed out Jason? I just checked my queue and I had both “Bad Words” and “Sabotage” on mine and neither are showing an extended wait time. Does Netflix still throttle high-usage DVD customers?

    As long as Netflix is still making money on the DVD portion of their business who would they want to kill it? To me, Netflix is only good as a service that combines the paltry streaming selection with the expansive (although slow to receive) DVD selection. To lose one would be lose both for me.

    • Seli says:

      I was wondering the same thing. We have Non-Stop in our queue, and that has no warning about wait time, although Divergent does. Also, maybe a difference between DVD and Blu-Ray? Most of our queue is BD but the two (older) movies that are only on DVD both have a very long wait. Has Blu-Ray overtaken DVD as the preferred format?

    • C0Y0TY says:

      Maybe you and Seli are ahead of him in the queue of queues. You got in line before he did, so he has a longer wait.

  3. Naskarrkid says:

    I go to some of my relatives every Wednesday and Saturday night for movie night and it seems like the past month, they have been getting movies from the bottom of the list, as in “I don’t remember putting it on the list,” that far down. If Netflix keeps it up, I think they’re going to Redbox.