McDonald’s Mistakenly Thinks It Is Loved By Internet, Will Not Be Mercilessly Mocked On Instagram

mcdonalds-sponsored-01-2014In spite of Instagram’s warm-and-fuzzy, heavily filtered appearance, its users are no less likely to rip others to shreds for their own amusement than anyone else on the Internet. This fact was lost on McDonald’s, which inexplicably thought it could unleash ads on Instagram without being subject to an acid-tongued backlash from users.

AdAge reports that McDonald’s Instagram ads, complete with supposedly millennial-friendly words like “epic” and “bestie,” have not exactly gone over well with the Internet-using youngsters that were meant to be all, “This shiz is rad, mah peeps. Letz go chow down on some McNuggetz and nj0i dem with the bold kick and flavor of the Habanero Ranch dipping sauce!”

But as you can see from the example above, Instagram users aren’t taking kindly to McDonald’s “sponsored” photos showing up in their feeds.

“[W]e are always looking to engage with our guests and fans in fun and relevant ways in social media,” said someone at McDonald’s who presumably has some terrifying, very private method for making it through the day without constantly breaking into tears. “Instagram allows us to share compelling and entertaining photos about our brand, food and more in unexpected and innovative ways.”

Even the McDonald’s Instagram photos that aren’t invading users’ accounts are being pummeled by those who dislike the company (some harsh language in the comments; don’t say you weren’t warned):



[via AdAge]

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