Yelp’s Video Feature Is Now Live, So You Can Show Exactly What You Mean By “Ear-Splitting Music”

yelpvideotodayIf a picture is worth a thousand words — which it is, I just cashed in a picture yesterday — then a video must be even more valuable, right? So thinketh Yelp, as it says that it’s previously announced video feature is now ready for users who want to add short clips to their reviews.

While we’re sure you’re practicing your best fist shakes and diatribes and all the best snarky comments you can squeeze into a 12-second video, Yelp says in a blog announcement that it sees the video feature as more of a way to showcase the ambiance of a place, as photos do, rather than a soapbox for your vitriol or a sure shot to Internet stardom.

“Worried your video skills are not up to par? We’re not looking for Ken Burns-level documentary filmmaking – it’s actually more helpful to see what a real-life consumer experience looks like without fancy editing or narration,” Yelp’s blog post reads. “These are not intended to be ‘video reviews,’ but rather an extension of the visual experience. ”

Got that? You’re adding a video to your review, not reviewing a restaurant with your video. Or something. Not that that will prevent anyone from speaking their minds on camera, we’re sure.

But this way you can bring to life the true meaning of “ear-splitting” shrieks from the locals at the sports bar, or highlight the soft, tinkly piano and warm lighting at your favorite cubbyhole off the beaten path.

It also means we can all look forward to the glow of even more screens at the dinner table or the concert venue as your fellow consumers whip out their phone cameras to catalog any so-called ambiance that might be in effect.

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