Literal Lowdown Thief Crawled Through Store To Steal Wigs Meant For Cancer Victims

Listen, we’re not the type to throw around the word “literally” like all those people who annoy the heck out of everyone else by claiming that they are “literally starving.” You’re not, but we can say that a man who crawled through a wig store pilfering hair meant for cancer victims is literally a lowdown thief. Because of the crawling, and because stealing from people in need is awful.

The owner of a high-end wig store in Houston needs help to find a burglar who was caught on surveillance video this week, slinking around on the ground to avoid setting off the motion sensors, reports KHOU 11 News.

He broke into a vacant space next door and then busted a hole through a wall at the wig store and crawled in, staying on his belly.

“He was laying on the ground, low crawl like they do in the military,” explained a store manager. “He’s a snake. That’s what they do.”

In the footage the man is seen sneaking behind the register and heading for the wigs, where he snags 11 pieces from the lowest shelf along with some other things.

The owner says those wigs — valued at more than $3,000 — were going to be donated to a cancer makeover event in two weeks, making his crime even more lowdown and mean.

“It’s just pathetic, a grown man stealing wigs that are designated for cancer patients. It’s just ridiculous,” she said.

She’s throwing in a $500 reward for anyone with information leading to an arrest.

Surveillance video exposes slithering wig thief in southwest Houston [KHOU 11]