Comcast Solves Customer Service Issue, Keeps Calling To Solve It

(Consumerist's own Chris Morran)

(Consumerist’s own Chris Morran)

Hey, remember reader Karen, who had trouble convincing Comcast that they had somehow locked her out of all online access to her accounts? She spent more than two weeks fighting her own one-woman Battle of Kabletown, finally getting the attention of the ComcastCares team with Consumerist’s help. It looked like everything worked out for her. It did…except for how Comcast continued to call her about her open “trouble ticket” for days.

Remember, during the first round of her battle, the company closed down her service ticket without bothering to make sure that the issue had been resolved. “Wouldn’t you think an account could be noted properly?” she wrote to us. “Nah — same folks who closed a trouble ticket without resolving it.”

Each time someone called last week, she patiently explained that her problem had been resolved, and they could close the ticket. The calls kept coming.

Evidently, the way to get attention from Comcast is to already have your problem resolved. This is not effective consumer advice that we can pass on.

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