New Minivan Feature Helps Parents Yell More Effectively At Their Kids

Sometimes it’s necessary to remind children very sternly that unbuckling their seatbelts in order to more effectively wallop their brother is not okay while you’re driving. At those times, a parent probably wants to make sure kids know they are not in a joking mood, but maybe need some help making sure they can yell effectively while driving. So why not let the car help?

The newest version of the Toyota Sienna minivan has a featured called “Driver Easy Speak,” which might as well be named, “We Yell At Your Kids So You Don’t Have To.”

It uses a built-in microphone to amplify your voice and send it through speakers in the back seats, effectively amplifying whatever warning you’re currently directing at misbehaving kids, reports the Associated Press.

The company says the feature was added “so parents don’t have to shout to passengers in the back,” reports the Associated Press. Because “I WILL pull this car over if you don’t stop kicking your brother’s seat and throwing gummy worms out the window” works much better at a higher volume, but screaming it constantly takes a toll on a person, ya know?

And you better save your breath, misbehaving minors — the system only works one way, so if you want your mom to swing past the ice cream place you better ask nice and loud.

New Toyota Minivan Makes It Easier to Yell at Kids [Associated Press]

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