Chrysler Tries Marketing Minivans Directly At Children

Image courtesy of Chrysler

No, Chrysler’s plan to market minivans to children isn’t part of some twisted strategy to hook future customers a few decades early. The campaign, which began with a video released today where child actors take over a Fiat Chrysler dealership, is supposed to show how kid-friendly Chrysler’s minivans are, or something.

When I was a child, my input on which car we would choose was limited to my thoughts about the comfort of a truck’s extended cab backseat, and maybe the new car’s color. I’m not sure that my parents actually listened to me, though.

In the alternate universe of “Pacifikids,” families who are allegedly real customers walk into a dealership and find a staff of school-age kids who are less concerned about their customers’ credit histories, and more concerned about whether they’re on Santa’s nice or naughty list.


Reuters talked to the head of car brands at Fiat Chrysler of America, who said that the company is reaching out to kids — or to adults through kids through adults — because they really enjoy minivans. The company has realized, with falling minivan sales, that parents don’t enjoy minivans.

You probably won’t see these ads on TV: Chrysler is running them as a cheaper social media campaign, which raises the question of where the children in question would see them. Over their parents’ shoulders? While casually surfing YouTube? While reading Consumerist?

Fiat Chrysler targets kids though social media to sell minivan [Reuters]

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