Netflix Killed Off Saturday DVD Deliveries In Early June And No One Noticed Until Now

The worry for Netflix DVD subscribers used to be that the United States Postal Service would stop Saturday mail delivery, thus putting a kink in movie-consuming schedules. Instead, the time has come for Netflix to put down Saturday DVD delivery all by itself. Actually, the time already came and it’s already dead, just not a lot of people noticed.

While you might be a streaming girl living in a streaming world (or a guy, but it doesn’t sound as nice), those customers who still received DVDs via snail mail will have to adjust their movie consumption.

Netflix quietly killed off its Saturday deliveries back in June, but it seems most of the country didn’t even notice, given the fact that it’s big news now.

Netflix still has about 8 million DVD subscribers, so some customers did notice the change recently, prompting a spokesman to confirm the change.

“Saturday DVD shipments have been tapering for over a year and ended in early June,” said a Netflix spokesman, via USA Today. “Saturdays have been low volume ship days for us.”

Netflix kills its Saturday mail delivery [USA Today]

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  1. SingleMaltGeek says:

    I think shipping on Saturdays and delivering on Saturdays are being conflated here. Netflix says it is ending the practice of shipping out discs on Saturdays, but they have no say in when they are delivered. Discs will still show up on a Saturday; they’re probably less likely to show up on a Monday or Tuesday, though.

  2. mrkake says:

    I don’t really understand the comment that “most of the country didn’t even notice”…. if it was early June, it was barely a month ago. I think a month is maybe what, like, 5 or 10 movies in the mail for the average person? Maybe less? The first week I’d probably be like… that’s weird it came a day late. The next week maybe I timed it right so nothing would have shipped on Saturday anyway. The 3rd or 4th week… then I’d say hey what the… why isn’t anything shipping on Saturday anymore.

    Sounds like people noticed to me.