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UPS Rolling Out Saturday Ground Deliveries Nationwide

Nine months after announcing it would test Saturday package delivery to keep up with online shoppers’ demands, UPS says it’s given birth to a nationwide plan for weekend deliveries for ground shipments. [More]


Netflix Killed Off Saturday DVD Deliveries In Early June And No One Noticed Until Now

The worry for Netflix DVD subscribers used to be that the United States Postal Service would stop Saturday mail delivery, thus putting a kink in movie-consuming schedules. Instead, the time has come for Netflix to put down Saturday DVD delivery all by itself. Actually, the time already came and it’s already dead, just not a lot of people noticed. [More]

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Are These The Final Days Of Door-To-Door USPS Deliveries?

Inscribed above the entry to the James Farley Post Office in Manhattan are the famous words, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” But you’ll notice that this unofficial postal carrier creed doesn’t specify that your mail will actually be brought to your door. [More]

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Rallies Supporting Saturday Mail Delivery Held Nationwide, But Are They Pointless?

Last week, Congress passed a budget bill that keeps the federal government going until the end of the federal budget year on September 30, and averts the scary and inconvenient consequences of a government shutdown. That’s good. There’s an interesting provision, though: like past budget bills, it specifically says that the U.S. Postal service can’t cut back on mail delivery, which it had planned to do in August. Oops. But while groups of letter carriers and supporters held rallies nationwide yesterday, has the crisis been averted? Yes. No. We’re not really sure. [More]

Postmaster: USPS "On Brink Of Financial Insolvency"

Postmaster: USPS "On Brink Of Financial Insolvency"

Postmaster General John Potter appeared before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to make his case for scrapping service on Saturdays, and what he had to say about the USPS wasn’t exactly rainbows and sunshine. [More]