Apple Not So Clear On Where Washington, D.C. Is, Either

A Transportation Security Administration agent and some overly literal liquor stores in New Hampshire made headlines this week when they denied existence of the District of Columbia. Now, the iOS app store is also confused, thinking that Washington, D.C. is somewhere near Seattle.

Yes, this week has been a festival of news regarding the location and existence of Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital that is nestled between Maryland and Virginia and is definitely a real place. At least this geographic confusion has the advantage of being the fault of a computer and not a person. We hope.

Grady noticed this while browsing for apps. “According to the new featured category titled City Living on the Apple App Store,” he writes, “when you are visiting Seattle you’re going to want to install Washington, DC travel guides.” Well, that’s silly. Surely Grady tapped on the wrong city…


Nope, guess not. All of the regular Seattle-related apps are on the correct coast, but the ones for tourists are for the wrong Washington.


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