Police: Funeral Home Got Evicted, Left 8 Bodies Behind



Two weeks ago, a funeral home in Fort Worth, Texas received a “notice to vacate” letter from their landlord, and they moved their business from the premises. The problem is, some customers were allegedly left behind. By “customers,” we mean eight people who are deceased were found in the building. Now the mortuary is being treated as a crime scene.

The brothers who own the business insist that they haven’t done anything wrong. The confusion, they told CBS Dallas, is the fault of their landlord, and all of the bodies were embalmed and waiting for their final disposition. “I have some embalmed bodies back there, which ya’ll had seen them bring out,” one of the owners told a reporter. “They were already in the casket; already had a funeral [and] one was ready to go to Nairobi.”

Police continue to investigate the situation, whether it’s a misunderstanding or not. The unattended deceased are now in the care of the county medical examiner’s office, which is trying to identify them. Families who believe their loved ones may have still been in the funeral home when it closed have been asked to contact the medical examiner.

Fort Worth Police Find Dead Bodies Inside Vacant Funeral Home [CBS Dallas]

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