Taco Bell Employee Accused Of Shooting Bitey Drive-Thru Customer With A BB Gun

There’s just something about the drive-thru — maybe it’s the implicit promise of speed in its name –that makes any kind of wait extra aggravating. And by aggravating, I mean, unfortunately, that things can get testy enough for BB guns and biting.

BB bullets flew after a customer was allegedly driven to bite a Taco Bell drive-thru employee in Massachusetts, reports Masslive.com.

According to police, the customer in question was disgruntled after his presence went unnoticed at the drive-thru window a little before 4 a.m. The restaurant was open, but the customer told police later that he was waiting at the window for “a very long time,” finally resorting to parking his car and walking over to bang on the door to complain.

That brought a worker around to the door and, as these things often go, a fight broke out. The employee allegedly pushed the customer who at some point, is accused of biting the worker on the arm.

At that point, cops say the Taco Bell worker went to his car to get a BB pistol and allegedly shot the customer several times with it, before hitting him as well.

The worker triggered the hold-up alarm, bringing the police. They confiscated the gun and arrested the worker on two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and a single count of assault and battery.

It would appear that the allegedly snappy customer wasn’t arrested, but it’s doubtful he got any tacos, either.

Springfield police: Taco Bell employee arrested after he allegedly fired BB gun at customer angered over wait time at drive-thru [Masslive.com]

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