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  1. oomingmak says:

    This is awesome (and horrifying) in so many ways.

    I really hope that this isn’t a hoax and that every U.S. Senator, Representative, and FCC commissioner is forced to listen to this in full before making any legislative action or recommendations towards Comcast.

  2. furiousd says:

    Whenever I get forwarded to a ‘specialist’ to handle my disconnection request I usually have fun with them and try to make something up on the spot. Once I was converting to Amish and had to remove the technology from my life as a first step. Another time it was part of a court ordered settlement due to hacking charges. Another time when I was called and they were trying to get me to bundle my services (Charter seemed to think I was cheating on them by only having internet) I felt bad for the little old lady on the line who couldn’t understand how I didn’t have TV services at all and didn’t want landline phone service. She was so excited to let me know that in a power outage my phone service would still be up if I had landline. I almost felt bad to let her know that based on the VOIP technology I knew they’d be installing that wasn’t the case and further informed her that since I have a HAM license I could continue to communicate with others when no commercially supplied services could continue functioning. First time I’ve had someone at a call center hang up on me.