The Fun Thing About Target Math? You Can Find It At Home Depot & Walmart, Too

Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can and can’t be, friends. The world is your oyster, the sky is the limit, the cliche is yours to abuse and the rules are made to be broken. So when you’re a retailer, don’t think the only store that can have Target math.

Walmart and Home Depot aren’t holding back, adding to their own repertoires of weird pricing that makes you scratch your head and just go, “What the heck? I’d rather keep as much money in my wallet as possible, thanks.”

Consumerist reader Adam, who sounds like a delightful person and we’re so glad he wrote to us, snapped a few pics while shopping that show exactly why it’s good to read closely and do quick math in your head.

First, you can get 64 ounces of weed killer for $45.98 in one jug, or save yourself some moolah and grab two 32 ounce bottles of the stuff for $18.88 each. That’s $37.76, which means there must be $8.22 worth of magic in that 64-ounce bottle. Because otherwise why would you pay so much more? Because Target math. At Home Depot.

Add that, carry the one... wait. Huh?

Add that, carry the one… wait. Huh?

Moving on down the road to Walmart, we find the mysterious case of the more expensive two-pack, an occurrence which is all too common, in Consumerist experience.

Want two sticks of Right Guard? You can buy them in a twin pack for $5.97, which isn’t bad, or grab two single sticks of the same stuff for $2.97 each and spend only $5.94.


Maybe it’s only a few cents, but as wise men say, only fools fall in love and a penny saved is a penny earned. And a stitch in time saves nine, but that’s just more math and is unrelated.

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