Ex-Verizon Worker Accused Of Sending Lewd Texts To Teenage Customers

Getting an unwanted creepy, lewd or otherwise gross text is never a fun experience, but when you’re receiving that message from someone who shouldn’t have your number, things get even creepier. At least six female teenaged Verizon customers have recently come forward to accuse a now ex-worker of sending lewd texts and “disgusting” photos.

Police say the 31-year-old suspect, who’s accused of preying on young customers in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, had a 20-page list of customers’ names, email addresses, phone numbers and user passwords, reports MyFox9.com.

Thus far, it seems the six who have come forward were his customers at Verizon stores in the area, mostly at one outlet in Wisconsin. Authorities say the texts and photos were unwanted, and that the phones belonged to underage females.

Court documents say the suspect helped families with new phones or devices that needed repairs, and that at least six of those families have now filed complaints. He’s then accused of saving the info of his intended victims, and eventually sending messages to them with photos of his genitalia.

He allegedly used his own phone number, listed on his Verizon business card, at least once to do so. Other times, police say he used random email addresses to cover his tracks.

“Obviously, parents are very upset about this,” the police chief said. “You get a phone for your daughter. Then you get these text messages and the images on it. It’s a violation of trust.”

Verizon said he no longer works for the company.

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