Couple Celebrates Tasting Their 25,000th Beer Together After 35 Years Of Sipping

It’s an admirable feat to stay married for as long as 35 years, but finding the time to taste 25,000 beers together as a couple over that many years? That’s nothing to sneeze at. A Bethesda, MD couple marked that major milestone this week, celebrating the 25,000th beer they’ve sipped together since they started taking notes in 1979.

The beer-covered path has meandered all over the world — with the high school history teacher husband and scientific book editor traveling to breweries here, there and everywhere to try their wares, reports the Washington City Paper.

And this particular twosome knows beer — they’ve worked together in the past to brew beers that were popular in the mid-1990s, and are known as “forerunners” in the aggressively hopped American pale ales field.

For their 25,000th, the couple logged a 7.9& alcohol rye pale ale, “packed with American hops, including their favorite varietal, Mount Hood.” And they brewed it themselves, of course.

The couple that brews and drinks together, stays together, as my Great Uncle Aloysius Guinness used to say. Or he would’ve, if I hadn’t imagined the whole thing (so they tell me).

*Thanks for the tip, Michael!

Couple Celebrates Tasting Their 25,000th Beer [Washington City Paper}

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