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Popularizer Of ‘Designated Driver’ Concept Can’t Get Drivers To Put Phones Down

Jay Winsten is not a household name, but everyone recognizes the term “designated driver,” which the Harvard professor brought to the United States, popularized, and turned into a social norm back in the ’80s. Now Winsten is trying to address the driving danger of our time: Why won’t drivers put their phones down? [More]


Couple Celebrates Tasting Their 25,000th Beer Together After 35 Years Of Sipping

It’s an admirable feat to stay married for as long as 35 years, but finding the time to taste 25,000 beers together as a couple over that many years? That’s nothing to sneeze at. A Bethesda, MD couple marked that major milestone this week, celebrating the 25,000th beer they’ve sipped together since they started taking notes in 1979. [More]

Comment Of The Day: Where Nobody Knows Your Name

Comment Of The Day: Where Nobody Knows Your Name

For today’s Comment of the Day, our readers took the (MILDLY AMUSING POST) about a failed attempt at sending a form letter by (MAJOR UNITED STATES AIRLINE). One comment clearly shone, though. Or maybe all of our editors just grew up in the ’80s. [More]