Police: Man Called In Bomb Threat To Southwest Airlines To Ruin Ex’s Vacation

There are plenty of immature ways that you could — but most definitely shouldn’t — get revenge on an ex. While most of them are, at worst, misdemeanors, a Seattle man is facing a much bigger penalty for allegedly calling in a bogus bomb threat to Southwest Airlines just to get back at an ex-girlfriend.

SeattlePI.com reports that the man has been charged in a June 18 incident in which police say the 26-year-old reported that his ex was planning to blow up the Southwest Airlines flight to Las Vegas that she’d just boarded at Sea-Tac International.

The man hung up on the police after delivering his brief message. The police called him back but he hung up on them again. Then the man returned the officers’ call, only to once again hang up when asked if he knew the woman he’d mentioned.

Because one can’t take bomb threats — even ones that appear to be pranks — lightly, the plane was evacuated and the woman questioned.

That’s when she explained to them that she’d recently broken up with someone and he’d sent her a series of 22 increasingly threatening messages in the days leading up to the bomb threat.

“Every day you will be unsafe,” reads one message. “Just because you’re in another state doesn’t mean I can’t get you.”

The man also mentions in the messages that he’d learned her flight number and was planning to spoil her Vegas getaway.

“If the pigs come after me because of you, you will live the rest of your life in fear,” reads a text sent minutes after the bomb threat calls.

Between the texts and the fact that the bomb threat was phoned in from her ex’s grandmother’s house, it didn’t take very long for the police to realize what was going on.

The man was quickly arrested at granny’s house, where he tried to argue that he hadn’t technically threatened to blow up the plane.

“I didn’t make a bomb threat,” he told police. “I just said my girlfriend had a bomb!”

The man denied being a terrorist and said he “he only wanted to delay (his ex’s) flight.”

The man faces charges of making a bomb threat and intimidating a witness.

Perhaps he should have just picked up a hobby to channel his anger.

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