Hey, Southern California: Carl’s Jr. Would Like You To Try Its New “Bisnuts”

Image courtesy of (via BrandEating.com)

No, Google. I meant what I typed.

No, Google. I meant what I typed.

That cackling you hear in the distance? Those are all the 13-year-old boys telling each other to try a big bite of these “Bisnuts.” Because yes, that is what Carl’s Jr. is calling its test of a biscuit-donut frankenfood. Bisnuts.

The chain is testing what appears to be a donut using its “Made from Scratch” biscuit dough, Brand Eating reports, and are about the same size as the Carl’s Jr. biscuit.

But then things get donutty with white or chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles, with the whole shebang going for $0.99 each or two for $1.89. And only during breakfast hours, so be warned, late night snackers.

Thus far the bisnuts (giggle) are only being tested at certain Southern California locations, so keep your eyes peeled.

Oh cronut, what terror have ye wrought? Are we doomed to suffer the reign of the bisnuts, or is there yet a chance for some future relief from this terrifying landscape of monster food mashups with delightfully silly names? Bisnuts.

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