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Next Up For McDonald’s Revamped Menu: McMuffins, Biscuits & Bagels With Real Butter

A month after McDonald’s officially beefed up its Quarter Pounder, the fast food giant is poised to make over a few other staples: the English muffin, bagel and biscuit, adding real butter to the ingredient list. [More]


Hey, Southern California: Carl’s Jr. Would Like You To Try Its New “Bisnuts”

That cackling you hear in the distance? Those are all the 13-year-old boys telling each other to try a big bite of these “Bisnuts.” Because yes, that is what Carl’s Jr. is calling its test of a biscuit-donut frankenfood. Bisnuts. [More]

Buttery Math At Kroger: Double The Biscuits For 10 Cents More

Buttery Math At Kroger: Double The Biscuits For 10 Cents More

Every day, as we go through our regular errands, we are being tested. A math test, that is. Reader Denis was amused when he noticed that a sale made canned biscuits the same price for five biscuits as for ten of them. [More]

Pillsbury Offers Conflicting Biscuit-Baking Information

Aaron’s Pillsbury 12 Flaky Layer Biscuits say bake for 11-20 minutes and 20-28 minutes. Aaron, confused and hungry for flaky layer biscuits, tried calling for help.

When I called their customer support line, they were gone for the day. You’d think they’d have someone working when people are most likely to be using their products.

Should Aaron bake his biscuits for 11-20 minutes or 20-28 minutes? What other products offer conflicting information? Tell us about them in the comments. Send pictures to tips [at] consumerist [dot] com. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER