Souvenir Company Features U.S. President As Soccer Player On World Cup Mugs For English Team

Soccer fans eager to display their loyalty and love — often a newfound affection, right, America? — are going nuts for World Cup merchandise right about now, a fact any good souvenir company knows. But one British business apparently rushed past certain details on its mugs featuring members of the English national team: Funny how fullback Chris Smalling loooks exactly like U.S. President Barack Obama, isn’t it?

Yes, yes it is. The story being spun on Wholesale Clearance UK, which has listed the mugs for sale, is that Obama ended up as the Manchester United defender due to the mistake of a fresh-faced employee at the unnamed souvenir company, reports The Daily Mail.

“The apprentice claims that he used that well known search engine, Google, to source the pictures. The thing is he’s more of a rugby fan and not very clued up on football,” the description in its “teeny weeny backstory” section reads. “Suffice to say that when he Google image searched ‘Chris Smalling’ he copied the first picture he liked the look of and the result was that the President of the United States has ended up on an England cup instead of the English defender.”

Copied that photo and then outfitted it in an soccer jersey, which at least is the the actual English uniform. Goal!

“That’s bad news for the Boss of the Dorset company in question and his dithering apprentice – but it is great news for you!” the site explains, adding, “Who would ever believe that Barack Obama ever played for England?”

No one. No one would believe that. What you Google is not always what you get, kids. Keep that in mind.

Look who’s playing centre-Barack for England! World Cup mug manufacturer mistakes defender Chris Smalling for President Obama [The Daily Mail]

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