Tow Truck Driver Just Trying To Do His Job When He’s Swarmed By Cranky Bees

(Theodore Scott)

(Theodore Scott)

First of all, let’s just get the scene from My Girl that no one wants to think about out of the way now… Ready? A tow truck driver in Maine was just trying to go about doing his job like he’s supposed to, when he had the misfortune of having a run-in with a cranky swarm of honeybees.

The driver was responding to a call yesterday about a broken down truck, oblivious to the fact that the truck had bees as its cargo, reports That made for a nasty surprise when he started to go about his work, he says.

“No one told us they were hauling bees or anything like that, we were under the assumption it was just another tow truck,” he said after returning home from the hospital. “I tried to load it up and all of a sudden there were thousands of bees everywhere.”

The bees were out of control, as angry, disturbed bees can be, he said, adding, “It was a scary thing for me.”

He said he didn’t think he was allergic to bees, but that was before he was stung and lost all feeling in that arm, he explained, losing his vision momentarily and starting to “sweat like crazy” as his body felt like it was trying to shut down.

He managed to escape to his truck, claiming the bees were dive bombing the windows in a frenzy to get to him. There were so many, he couldn’t see the truck he was supposed to tow behind him. He called his boss, and then 9-1-1.

He was taken to the hospital and released, and now would very much appreciate it if people having their vehicles towed would make sure to mention to whoever’s going to tow it, that there are thousands of bees involved. He explains there were no bees lingering nearby or hives on the truck when he went to hook it up.

He said when people are having their vehicles towed they should tell the tow company if there is something like bees on or around the vehicle. And I totally agree.

According to the fire chief, when the truck broke down the night before, another truck picked up the bee cargo, but apparently some couldn’t be captured. A hive was left at the site in the hopes of collecting the stragglers, and apparently it worked a little too well.

“The driver wasn’t aware it was a bee truck… that’s how we got involved,” the chief said. “Some of the bees didn’t leave with the other truck. There were quite a number of them around.”

Again, please leave a been warning for your friendly tow truck driver, people. I don’t want to have to mention My Girl again, but I will.

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