Times Square Spider-Man Convicted Of Harassment In Showdown With Tourist

Not the Spidey in question. (donbuciak)

Not the Spidey in question. (donbuciak)

While it surely can’t be easy out there for a costumed character on the streets of New York City, one Spider-Man landed in hot legal water after a kerfuffle with a tourist in the winter of 2013. While he said she started it by throwing snow in his face, a judge convicted him yesterday of harassment.

Things could be worse — the judge didn’t hit him with the more serious charge of attempted assault, reports CBS News. Instead he’s got a non-criminal violation and will pay a fine of $250 or spend seven days in jail.

According to the Spidey — likely one of many at any given time in the Times Square area — things got “ugly” in February 2013 when he got mad and cursed at a woman after she refused to tip him for taking a photo of him with her kids.

She walked away but then came back an hour later, yelled at another Spidey, and then tossed a handful of snow at the defendant. She claims he punched her in the face, knocking her to the ground, while he said he swung at her in self-defense when a chunk of snow hit his head.

This isn’t the first time a costumed character has had trouble with tourists — at least three others have been arrested for similar incidents in the last two years. While tourists might think the characters are just people there to have fun and amuse others for the sheer joy it brings them, the reality is they’re usually working and looking to make a few bucks in tips from taking pics with giddy passersby.

Remember, everyone: In these situations, throw money, not punches or snow.

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