The dream of having all the Marvel heroes in the same film universe is getting closer to a reality, though Fox still controls the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises. (Michael Saechang)

Sony Realizes There’s Money To Be Made In Sharing Spider-Man With Rest Of Marvel Universe

While Disney-owned Marvel Studios has Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and The Avengers to play with, one marquee Marvel character, Spider-Man, is controlled by Sony, which hasn’t been eager to share its lucrative toy with others. But Sony is apparently in a more generous mood after seeing a string of Marvel movies make boffo box-office returns and is willing to let their web-slinging superhero play with his pals. [More]

Not the Spidey in question. (donbuciak)

Times Square Spider-Man Convicted Of Harassment In Showdown With Tourist

While it surely can’t be easy out there for a costumed character on the streets of New York City, one Spider-Man landed in hot legal water after a kerfuffle with a tourist in the winter of 2013. While he said she started it by throwing snow in his face, a judge convicted him yesterday of harassment. [More]

Spider-Man Would Never Rob A Convenience Store, Insists Roommate

Spider-Man Would Never Rob A Convenience Store, Insists Roommate

It’s not even close to Halloween yet, but a Pennsylvania college student was already out on the town wearing his Spider-Man costume. He visited a convenience store at 1 A.M., and police say that he tried to rob the store. No way, insists his roommate. [More]

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Spider-Man’s True Secret Power Is The Ability To Turn Into Cash And Pay For Weddings

Bet you thought Spider-Man’s superhero powers were of the “I can shoot webs from my hands” type. Sure, that’s true, but did you also know that he has the awe-inspiring ability to turn his name into cash and help pay for the most expensive day of your life? An Ohio father realized this recently when he cashed in a Spider-Man comic book and was able to use the funds to allay the cost of his daughter’s wedding. [More]


Times Square Spider-Man Says He Hit Woman After She Didn’t Tip, Pelted Him With A Snowball

Seeing people dressed up as cartoon or comic book characters in NYC’s Times Square is an every day event. But for those inside the outfits, it’s not all fun and games, it’s about making a living by posing with fans for a little cash. Which is why, said one Spider-Man busted by cops yesterday, he had to hit a woman who he says refused to tip him. He’s also calling it self-defense, because she hit him with a snowball. [More]

Dollar Tree Recalls 275,000 Super Hero Flashlights For Being
Too Damn Hot

Dollar Tree Recalls 275,000 Super Hero Flashlights For Being Too Damn Hot

Dollar Tree and the Consumer Product Safety Commission have issued a recall for a trio of toy “projector flashlights” featuring Wolverine, Spider-Man and Iron Man because they can overheat to the point of melting or even bursting into flames. [More]