Sales Of Nest Smoke Detectors Resume (At A Cheaper Price) After Two-Month Pause

Now with new "stays on when it's supposed" to feature.

Now with new “stays on when it’s supposed” to feature.

Two months after Google-owned Nest pulled the Nest Protect smoke detectors from the market due to an inconvenient tendency to turn off when it shouldn’t, the devices are now for sale again. And this time, at a lower price.

Back in April, Nest announced it would stop selling the detectors because it’s “Wave” feature — which is supposed to turn off the alarm with a wave if you realize everything is fine — had a tendency to misbehave, and turn off at other actions. That’s no good if there’s an actual fire, obviously, when every second counts.

After an official recall in May, Nest Labs is now selling the detectors for $99, a 23% discount from the original price of $129, notes the Associated Press.

Nothing like a little price cut to make everyone forget that its product didn’t meet expectations the first time around, eh? As such, there will be no wave feature on the new Nest Protect devices, meaning users will have to actually press a button to turn the alarm off. You can do it. It doesn’t hurt, promise.

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