How Does This Energy Drink Have More Sugar Than It Does Carbs? (Hint: It Doesn’t)

ampenergygrabThere’s a reason that “Sugars” is a subcategory under “Total Carbohydrate” on nutrition labels, as all sugars are carbohydrates but not all carbs are sugars. So how can this Amp Energy drink have nearly twice as much sugar as it does carbohydrates? Good question.

Some eagle-eyed Reddit users noticed this discrepancy when looking at the label on a can of AMP Energy Dale Jr. Sour.

It’s right there on the label: 56 g of sugar, but only 31 g of carbs. And it wasn’t just a misprint on the can; as you can see above, the PepsiCo website also had the same impossible info, so what gives?

After doing some hunting, we finally got someone at PepsiCo to respond to our question and confirmed that it was a mistake.

“It has been brought to our attention that the sugar grams and calories contained in AMP Energy Dale Jr. Sour were overstated due to an error on the label and in the correlating nutrition information shared on our website,” reads a statement to Consumerist. “We are in the process of making changes to reflect the actual sugar grams of 31 and calories of 130.”

At some point this morning, the company updated the online info for this drink, though we doubt Pepsi is going to go around relabeling the Dale Jr. cans that are already out there.

The good news is that the correct sugar and calorie info is lower than what ended up on the label.

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