Funny How Cops Don’t Like It When Drunk, Unruly Taco Bell Customers Impersonate Police Officers

It’s Tuesday, which must mean it’s the day that all the bad consumers come out to play in the news with tales of their inebriated shenanigans at fast food restaurants. In this installment, police say a guy in a Mercedes refused to roll forward to pick up his order at the Taco Bell drive-thru, telling cops who arrived on the scene that it was fine, see, because he’s a cop, too. Except not.

Police in Maryland say there was “an odd scenario” at a local Taco Bell recently, reports, where an allegedly drunk customer acted up in the drive-thru line and refused to move his car forward to pick up his order.

Cops showed up at 2 a.m. Sunday morning and reportedly found a man repeatedly blowing the horn of his Mercedes in the drive-thru. Officials said he’d ordered food, but then wouldn’t pull up to get it. Which just doesn’t make sense, ya know?

Anyway, he then allegedly adding cursing at employees into his horn-blowing to express his apparent displeasure with the world and the way it was spinning for him that day.

“He was also on his phone there for a while in the drive-thru again, using expletives and not following directions of the employees in terms of pulling up,” a police spokesman said. Ding ding ding.

At that point officers had a chat with the man, and reported that he smelled strongly of alcohol, his eyes were glassy and his speech slurred.

Here comes the fun part (no, we weren’t there yet!): According to police, when they ordered him to get out of his vehicle, he chimed in that he was actually a police officer himself. Which, predictably, wasn’t true.

“He didn’t display a badge or anything,” the spokesman said.

After officers gave him a field sobriety test — which he failed — he was issued five traffic citations and charged with DWI and impersonating a police officer. And ZERO burritos.

Police: Drunken man annoys Taco Bell workers, pretends to be police []

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