Walmart Stupid Shipping Gang Sends Box That Fits Supplements, Wads Of Paper, Cats

Markian ordered some jars of dietary supplements from, and they arrived in a large box. The box was notable because it had enough space to accommodate the supplement jars and a massive wad of brown paper. If he removed the paper, the box had enough room to fit at least one of his cats, which he included in the photos for scale.




He reports that about 95% of the box’s volume was brown paper and empty space. “At least my cats liked the box!” he notes. Yes, that is important to Consumerist.

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  1. Xenotaku says:

    Hmm… I think the number of cats that’ll fit depends on how much the cats get along. It looks like they’d both fit, but it might be a bit snug, so if they don’t get along that well, it would only be one at a time.