Starbucks Announces College Plan For Workers Who Want To Earn A Bachelor’s Degree Online

Starbucks announced a new education program for its workers this morning, under which any of its benefit’s eligible workers — from plant workers to baristas — can get either full tuition reimbursement or partial scholarships to complete a bachelor’s degree online through Arizona State University.

In a post this morning on the company site, Starbucks announced that “partners” (its word for employees) who don’t yet have a bachelor’s degree will have 40 undergraduate programs to choose from in the program, and won’t have any obligation to stay at Starbucks after they graduate, if they don’t want to.

Students starting out as freshmen and sophomores in Starbucks’ program will get a partial scholarship and need-based financial aid, while juniors and seniors will receive full tuition reimbursement for any out-of-pocket tuition costs.

That money will automatically show up on their paychecks after they complete all required credits for the semester, and Starbucks “encourages” its workers to apply those funds toward the next semester’s tuition.

Workers will first have to apply and be accepted to the school under ASU’s admission requirements.

“We’re proud to help thousands of our partners build a bright future—whether they aspire to build a career at Starbucks, or beyond,” Starbucks writes in the post.

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