Marijuana Edibles Company Calls Hershey Lawsuit A “Surprise” Because It Changed Packaging 6 Months Ago

hersheys-edibles-lawsuit-1-from-filed-complaint-on-pacer-copyHershey’s was not pleased when the candy giant learned that a Colorado manufacturer of edible marijuana products was selling items modeled after its own candies, including “Hashees” and “Ganja Joy.” Because they have, you know, reefer in them, as the kids probably don’t call it these days. But the company behind those treats says the lawsuit against it is a “big surprise.”

Maybe Hershey is just jealous over its own problems with marketing fortified chocolate products, but in any case, it’s displeased over the marijuana offerings.

The Colorado company behind the punny products seems totally flabbergasted that anyone would bother to sue over such items, especially because it changed the packaging on those items six months ago.

“We changed our entire label line approximately six months ago, long before these allegations surfaced,” the company’s owner said in a statement, via Reuters, calling the lawsuit a “huge” surprise. “Our new packaging looks nothing like Hershey’s or anyone else’s.”

And as for claims that its products would be tempting to kids, it adds that the treats are sold in childproof packaging, and are only available to customers with a doctor-prescribed “Red Card” at licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.

The company noted that it hasn’t yet been served with the lawsuit, but hopes that everything will be cleared up quickly.

A Hershey spokesman called the issue a “clear case” of trademark infringement and dilution, in response to the statement today.

“The court will decide if they have infringed on our valuable trademarks,” the spokesman said.

Among the steps taken was the creation of a task force to design packaging for marijuana edibles such as cookies and candy that makes them easily distinguishable from regular foods.

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