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Sorry, Colorado — New Law Means No More Weed Gummy Bears

If Maureen Dowd ever decides to go back to Colorado and give weed edibles another chance, she may have more success figuring out how strong that chocolate bar is — but she also won’t be able to buy any marijuana gummy bears: New state laws going into effect Oct. 1 require more prominent potency labels on edibles, as well as prohibiting certain shapes that could be mistaken for regular candy treats. [More]


Colorado Marijuana Regulators Propose Emergency Rule To Clarify Potency Of Pot Edibles

When a New York Times columnist is writing that she hallucinated that she was dead after eating more than the recommended dose of edible marijuana, while other consumers perhaps unused to judging the potency of pot are also complaining about confusing serving sizes, there’s a bit of pressure on Colorado regulators to come up with a solution. That’s why officials are reportedly prepping an emergency rule that would make it easier to tell how much pot is in edible pot products. [More]

Marijuana Edibles Company Calls Hershey Lawsuit A “Surprise” Because It Changed Packaging 6 Months Ago

Marijuana Edibles Company Calls Hershey Lawsuit A “Surprise” Because It Changed Packaging 6 Months Ago

Hershey’s was not pleased when the candy giant learned that a Colorado manufacturer of edible marijuana products was selling items modeled after its own candies, including “Hashees” and “Ganja Joy.” Because they have, you know, reefer in them, as the kids probably don’t call it these days. But the company behind those treats says the lawsuit against it is a “big surprise.” [More]

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A Friendly Reminder For Those In States With Legal Pot: Keep Your Edibles Away From Pets

Just think about how much people food your dog could put away if given unfettered access to the kitchen. Now imagine you live in Washington or Colorado, where it’s legal to have edibles — cookies, butters, oils, bread, whathaveyou — infused with marijuana. Cue really important lesson for pet owners to keep the pot from your pooch. [More]