Comcast To Finally Refund Woman For 13 Years Of Service She Paid For But Never Received

comcastbillAn 88-year-old woman in Florida is on a fixed income, but enjoys watching telenovelas, so she dutifully paid her $29 Comcast cable bill every month. There was one small problem with that, though: Comcast wasn’t providing her with any cable service. The condominium building where she lives provides cable to all residents, through a different company that is not Comcast.

The building switched providers from Comcast to Charter back in 2000. Yes, that’s right: she’s been paying for cable service that she didn’t get for more than 13 years, leaving the family who paid for their never-activated Comcast alarm service for 7 years in the dust.

Similar to that family’s predicament, when the ex-customer asked for a refund of her inadvertent donations to Comcast, the company said that they could give her a six-month refund. That’s $174, when they really owe her more than $4,500.

When asked what she wants from Comcast, the woman replied, “Give me my money back! Because I paid for them for so many years, and they’re rich. They are rich, and I’m poor.”

Her grandson contacted a local news station, which prompted another investigation of the overpayment. Surprise! This time, Comcast concluded that it had billed her in error for all of those years, and would be providing a full refund. Yay!

Woman pays for 13 years of cable she never got [WPLG]

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  1. webalias says:

    Much as I think Comcast is one of the worst companies in America and is likely to take unfair and possibly illegal advantage of customers at any opportunity, I can’t get 100 percent behind this woman’s case. The argument that Comcast (or anybody else) should refund her money because “they are rich and I am poor” is nonsense. And if she’s been receiving no service from Comcast for more than 13 years but continued to pay them, she has to bear at least a tiny bit of responsibility for this situation. Does she think there should be no “statute of limitations” with respect to this, or any other legal claim? If she had paid less than she truly owed for a service she received back in 2000, and the creditor had said nothing for 13 years, then knocked on her door, would she be inclined to make good? I get it:
    she’s old, she’s poor. But that doesn’t mean she’s right. The sad thing is that Comcast gets to look like a “good guy” (or at least, less bad than they are) by finally refunding this poor old lady’s money — while they continue to take advantage of consumers who aren’t necessarily old, poor, or good newspaper copy. Yay? There is nothing to cheer about here.

    • ComputerGary says:

      Doesn’t a company have a responsibility, once they realize “this person is sending us money every month but we’re not giving her any service,” to tell her that she doesn’t need to send any more money, and to return the money they didn’t earn?

    • Xenotaku says:

      I think you didn’t read the article (or view the source) thoroughly.

      She’s GOTTEN cable for all these years. What she didn’t know was that her apartment complex was paying for non-Comcast cable, since Comcast was still sending her bills. Bills for a service that was being provided, but not by them.

    • BikerGeek79 says:

      “If she had paid less than she truly owed for a service she received back in 2000, and the creditor had said nothing for 13 years, then knocked on her door, would she be inclined to make good?”

      Yes. Yes she would. It likely would be sent to a collections agency, but they’d hound her for years, selling the bad debt off over and over again, dinging her credit score, until finally she settled for pennies on the dollar. Because that’s how corporations work. As soon as you owe them something, they come after you. If they owe you something, they deny it until you shine a light on it.

  2. ComputerGary says:

    The most disgusting thing about stories like these is that you have to get the media involved before the companies will do the right thing,.

  3. Terryc says:

    I agree her “They are rich and I am poor” comment is crap. BUT they were billing her in error…She was paying said bill.. they can’t figure out in that time she does not have a bill? They have an obligation to refund the money. and they should have done it long long ago. IfIf you receive money and no debt exists then they should have been refunding it all along. Gee if someone sends me money by mistake I think there is a legal and moral obligation to return it. Not cash the check every month.