UPS Drivers Learn Advanced Safety Skills At “Quaker Boot Camp”

The Olive Garden has its Tuscan culinary school that really exists, but do other companies have special training resorts for their employees? If you’re an aspiring UPS driver, you can attend the company’s training boot camp in Maryland, where they learn everything from the “friendly honk” to why they should never turn left.

This boot camp is totally real, and the Wall Street Journal visited it recently. The training really is like a boot camp, where recruits must be flawlessly uniformed and run constant drills. Sure, there are normal things that drivers need to learn, like how to operate the handheld computers how to drive a big brown truck, but tiny details are important too. Like the most efficient ways to handle deliveries, and even the best and safest way to get in and out of the truck.

Yes, safest. Safety is extremely important for UPS, and they encourage staff to drive as conservatively as their own great-grandmothers. Drivers with perfect no-accident records get special status within UPS, even receiving special jackets and arm patches after achieving 25 accident-free years.

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