Myspace Wants You Remember The Good Times You Had Before You Forgot You Had A Myspace Account

Hi! It's me! Myspace... No, it's pronounced "Myspace," not "Facebook?"

Hi! It’s me! Myspace… No, it’s pronounced “My space,” not “Facebook?”

Do you remember if you still have a Myspace account? You know, that social media site with all the blinged out backgrounds and angsty blogs, the friend network that time forgot? Myspace is still alive, and it’s out there thinking about how much fun you two used to have, how much fun you could still have, if only you remembered it existed.

Maybe Myspace was having a rough night and a few too many slugs of the ol’ 1s and 0s (clearly binary code is the booze of the Internet because just go with it), and there was no one to tell it not to email its ex, no matter how “chill” it promised the overall tone of the missive to be.

But whatever the case may be, users who still have accounts on the site might’ve gotten an email over the weekend just to say hey, remember your photos? They’re still out there.

According to the Washington Post, thousands of former users got an email from their former buddies at Myspace with the subject line “Your Photos are Back!” Going to assume that “From the dead!” is implicated in that statement.

The marketing email goes on to explain that you’ve still got “the good, the rad, and the what were you thinking” out there. Yep. You put that on Myspace. And also that. If you want to see it, you’ll have to log in again, see?

The company tells Mashable: “Myspace has been reaching out to current and past users to re-engage them through a personalized experience.”

Which loosely translates to, “Maybe by looking at old photos of yourself doing god knows what, you’ll be more inclined to like our totally redesigned site that is now focused on music, or something.”

Next time, have your best friend take your phone away before you hit the binary bottle, friend. Drunk emailing is never as good idea the next morning as it was the night before.

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