Arby’s Testing Auntie Anne’s-Branded Cheddar Pretzel Nuggets

cheddarIn the most exciting development in fast-food cross-brand synergy since Taco Bell started serving up tiny Cinnabons, Arby’s is testing cheddar-filled Auntie Anne’s pretzel nuggets in some of their outlets in the Midwest. As you might expect based on that “cheddar-filled” description, we know that Wisconsin is one test site.

To be fair to the cheese-crazed Wisconsinites in our office, people also have spotted the nuggets in southern California and in Florida. Brave pretzel-lovers who have tried them report that the overwhelming flavor is “salt.” I thought that was how pretzels worked.

The nuggets reportedly are baked inside the Arby’s restaurants, and served warm. They come in containers of 5 or 20, and the 5-pack costs $1.99. While nuggets are on the menu at regular Auntie Anne’s stores, the version with cheddar inside appears to be exclusive to Arby’s.

FAST FOOD NEWS – Arby’s Auntie Anne’s Cheddar Pretzel Nuggets [The Impulsive Buy]

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  1. MBQConsumerist says:

    I AM CRAAAAAAAZED! It’s true. #cheese

  2. Xenotaku says:

    Add Washington to the list of places selling them.

  3. SpeakBob says:

    Add at least 1 place in Pennsylvania as well. Saw these on the register sign when I went to the local Arby’s/Long John’s over the weekend. I had Long John’s so I didn’t get to try them.

  4. DustinDopps says:

    I tried them yesterday at an Arby’s in the Portland, OR area. I was pleasantly surprised. They were softer and chewier than I expected and had just enough cheese in them. (I scraped some of the salt off the top because there *was* a ton of it.)